F-pickup 1.2 beta
a pick up bot for mIRC

How to install F-Pickup 1.0 beta - Lite version

This version requires you to have mIRC installed, you can get mirc from Opens external link in new windowwww.mirc.com.
1. Copy f-pickup.mrc to your mIRC folder (Default is: C:\Program Files\mIRC)
2. Start mIRC and type the following line in the status window: /load -rs f-pickup.mrc
3. F-pickup should be loaded now, to configure the bot read further down this page.

How to install F-pickup 1.0 beta - Full version - 7/8/2004

1. Extract f-pickup.zip using winrar (get it from Opens external link in new windowwww.rarlabs.com) or any other archiving utility
2. Start mirc.exe
3. F-pickup should be loaded now, to configure the bot read the further down this page.

Configuring F-pickup

NOTE: All commands mentioned should be entered in the mIRC status window

Configuring which channel to use
To make sure F-pickup operates in the correct channel use the following command: /pickupchannel <#channel>
For example if your channel is #quake3pickup, use: /pickupchannel #quake3pickup

Allowing F-pickup to control the game server
F-pickup can automatically load a map and configure a random server password before starting each pick-up game. F-pickup needs to know 3 things to make this work:
Gameserver IP address
Gameserver port
Gameserver rcon password
These settings can be entered by using the following command: /server_settings <ip:port> <rconpass>
Here's an example: /server_settings bunny

Configuring which maps to use
You can configure which maps can be voted for in your pick-up game.

To add a map to the map list use: /addmap <map name>
For example: /addmap q3dm2
Important: Always use the exact map name as on the game server or the maps won't load properly.

To remove a map use: /removemap <mapname>
For example: /addmap q3dm2

To view which maps are in the map list use: /viewmaps

Configuring how many players must be signed up before a pick-up game starts
F-pickup does not start a pick-up until the maximum amount of players allowed for each game is reached. You can configure this setting with the following command:
/setmax <N> where N is the number of players you want to use.
For example to have a 5 on 5 game use: /setmax 10 and for a 2 on 2 game use: /setmax 4

More settings
To further configure the pickup bot Opens internal link in current windowread the IRC Operators Manual