F-pickup 1.2 beta
a pick up bot for mIRC

Configuring F-pickup

F-pickup accepts the commands below from all IRC channel operators (recognized by the @ in front of their name in the IRC channel).

!clearvotes - resets the votes for each map to zero.
!reset - clears the list of currently added players (and votes)
!setmaxplayers <N> - sets the maximum player limit for pickup games. For example use !setmaxplayers 10 for 5on5 games or !setmaxplayers 4 for 2on2 games.
!setmaprefix <map prefix> - this can be used to make it easier for gamers to vote for maps. For example when you use !setmaprefix ut_ gamers can vote for maps using !vote casa instead of !vote ut_casa.
!quit - disconnects and closes the bot
!cancel - when you use !quit you can use !cancel within 10 seconds to abort the disconnection of the bot.