F-pickup 1.2 beta
a pick up bot for mIRC

Features of F-Pickup 1.3 beta 02/08/2008

# Small update
! fixed bug causing !add to not work after player limit was almost reached
+ added !rcon command
+ added !setmap command

Features of F-Pickup 1.2 beta 27/5/2007

# Bug fix release
! fixed bug causing map voting not to work

Features of F-Pickup 1.1 beta 12/4/2007

# Little update
+ added command: !maplist to show list of maps in the channel
+ added command: !topic <your motd here> to set the channels topic
! forgot to remove permission by ip on some commands, now fixed.
+ added command: !setmapprefix <prefix> (example: !setmapprefix ut4_) so users can vote using: !vote sanc or !vote casa instead of !vote ut4_sanc or !vote ut4_casa

Features of F-Pickup 1.0 beta 8/7/2004

# First public release of F-pickup
+ basic pick-up commands such as !addme, !removeme
+ map voting
+ max player setting
+ flood protection
+ auto-rejoin pick-up channel every 10 minutes
+ automatic map loading on game server
+ automatic random password changing on game server for every new pick-up game
# The last 2 features work in combination with Q3 RCON for MIRC written by: Opens window for sending email>V<Callista

# = comment
+ = new feature
* = improved feature
! = fixed bug
- = removed feature