F-pickup 1.2 beta
a pick up bot for mIRC

What is F-pickup?

F-pickup is an Opens external link in new windowIRC-bot that provides an environment where gamers can come together and play an organized game. Players type !addme in the IRC channel until the maximum amount of players has been reached after which the game can start. F-pickup will notify each player automatically with the server details.

Why F-pickup?

Unlike many other bots, F-pickup is written in Opens external link in new windowmIRC, which means it can be run in Windows. There is no need for an Opens external link in new windoweggdrop or Opens external link in new windowshell. All you need is a computer that is online with mIRC. F-Pickup is still in development and Opens internal link in current windowopen for feedback. Newly requested features could easily be added.