When CAPTCHA does not work anymore...

August 04, 2008

In an earlier post I explained how I used CAPTCHA to prevent blog comment spam and it worked fine for a while but after some months it became clear that the spammers have found away around it. My site was filled with hundreds of...

Internet Explorer bug: Broken mouse wheel scrolling

June 14, 2007
Why!!! Internet Explorer why!!!

This article describes a bug I encountered today which causes the mouse wheel not to function correctly when trying to use it to scroll some part of a web page.

Implementing accessible forms in TYPO3

February 13, 2007
Standard TYPO3 form elements

On A List Apart there is a nice article about Making Compact Forms More Accessible. I wanted to know if it was possible to implement such forms in TYPO3 to use for the form elements such as the mail, search or login form.

As it...

sIFR and TYPO3

January 27, 2007
"sIFR" - Scalable Inman Flash Replacement

"Put simply, sIFR allows website headings, pull-quotes and other elements to be styled in whatever font the designer chooses - be that Foundry Monoline, Gill Sans, Impact, Frutiger or any other font - without the user having...

Displaying code snippets with TYPO3

January 03, 2007

The other day I made a post about protecting blog comments from spam, in that post I wanted show a code snippet but I had some trouble getting it to show properly. The editor (rthtmlarea) was removing pre and br tags somewhere...

Enabling spam protection for blog comments

December 31, 2006

I just finished adding spam protection to the commenting system used on this blog. By adding a CAPTCHA field to the comment form, bots can no longer automatically add spam comments.

Enabling this feature turned out to be fairly...

Issues while getting TIMTAB up and running

December 31, 2006

As my first post I will describe a few things I had to deal with while setting up TIMTAB:

Problem 1: Background images not being displayed

This seemed to be caused by the path defined wrong for the background images in the...